What is a “Private Fitness Studio” and how is it different from a gym?

A Private Fitness Studio is a fully integrated health solution in a boutique workout facility. It allows our clients to receive the necessary attention to their individual needs that they cannot get at the larger gyms. We work by appointment for 90% of our services with the other 10% being structured individual studio visitation. The average Australian client retention rate for “gyms” is currently at 63% annually. We are proud to boast a 92% annual client retention rate, and attribute this to exceeding our clients expectations with service delivery and professionalism. The studio experience integrates a range of services to our clients, giving them a complete health solution for their busy, modern day schedules.

Why should I go to Fitness Revelation instead of another studio?

At Fitness Revelation, we pride ourselves on our ability to personally connect with our clients and take them on an individual journey to a healthier lifestyle. There are no “one size fits all” programs with us, we understand everyone has their own goals and obstacles in place; therefore we have only the best, most experienced professionals to help you. Our coaches are very qualified and experienced at diagnosing and rehabilitating injuries and as a rule, your safety comes first. We are not just fitness trainers, our coaches are exercise scientists (meaning they hold university degrees in Exercise Science, Health Science or Human Movement). As a result, we have a solid network of physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and other health professionals who send us their patients to help get them back to a fully functional lifestyle. Our approach is balanced and solid; we focus on long term health and lifestyle rather than quick fix fitness gimmicks that in most cases lead to injury or lack of ongoing interest. At the end of the day, you are not just a number in a chain of gyms or studios with us; you are part of the healthy Fitness Revelation family.

 What do I get in a membership?

  •     A safe, secure and welcoming workout facility
  •     Qualified, insured and knowledgeable coaches
  •     Efficient, structured and professionally run coaching sessions
  •     A variety of services including group exercise classes, nutrition programs, massage and 1 on 1 coaching, and much more
Peace of mind – knowing you are in good hands working towards your health goals!

How do I get a coach?

Click here and we can organize it all for you. We match up the coach best suited to your individual needs and timetable and get them to contact you directly. If you have a coach that has been referred to you already by a friend, just let us know and we can get them to call you directly. If you would like to meet our coaches, click here and see their profiles instantly.

What is the demographic you look after?

We like to say we cater for all needs, ages, abilities and body types. We work with teams and individuals as well as small groups and specific cases. Our current studio demographic is 40 to 70 year old males and females (80%), with the remaining 20% being 16 to 40 year olds. Our oldest client is 93 years of age, while our youngest group are 13-14 year olds.

What are your coach’s qualifications and experience?

We are proud to announce our coach’s profiles here for your viewing so you can understand a little more about what they do and how they can best serve your needs

What are your opening hours?

Click here for our location and operating hours 

Do I HAVE to do personal training to be a member?

No. Although we do recommend you get started with a coach to set some clearly defined strategies for your current goal, it is not compulsory. There are 2 types of membership at Fitness Revelation. Our Group Exercise Memberships allow you to attend our weekly classes, where our PT Studio Memberships give you access to the studio and a coach on a weekly basis. In both memberships, there is always supervision from our staff. As part of your PT studio membership you will initially go through a few sessions with a coach to assess your current health status, define your goals and structure a clear individualized program. From here, you will set times to see your coach and train with them on a regular basis. Their training sessions will compliment your training goals in the studio program. We strongly recommend you have the coach available at the very least once a fortnight to touch base and check in with your progress. 

What about nutrition? Do you have a program to help me with my weight loss goals?

Of course! We believe your health goals are 80% nutrition based. For this reason, we use scientifically proven programs to assist our clients with their training goals. Whether it is for weight loss, weight gain, weight management, sports performance or rehabilitation our online programs have proved to be of amazing value and benefit. We trust and believe in our Nutrition Programs and work with you directly to set up your own program and monitor it over the course of your training. You will be amazed at how simple and effective it is – come in and give it a go today!
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